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Easy Ways to Check PageRank- How to Check Google PageRank for Free

Easy Ways To Check PageRank and Boost Your Traffic

Easy Ways To Check Google PageRank
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What is PageRank?

Google PageRank is the result of a scoring system that Google uses to evaluate the importance of a website.  The algorithm was developed by Larry Page at Google as part of development of search engine algorithms.  PageRank is still used today by Google as a factor to decide which pages to display in Search Engine Results Pages.

How is PageRank Calculated?

The details of Google's PageRank algorithm have not been disclosed.  Based on patent applications and other publicly disclosed information, the concept of PageRank is to evaluate links from other website and links within a website.  For example, if a lot of important sites on the internet link to, the PageRank for would be high.  In fact, the current PageRank for is 9 out of 10- a very high score.

What Do PageRank scores mean?

PageRank score ranges from 0 to 10.  The scale is nonlinear- for example, a site that has a PageRank of 2 may 16 times more important than a site with PageRank of 1.  Sites with PageRank of 8 or higher are elite sites on the internet.  A PageRank of 4 or 5 for a blog would be considered pretty good.  New sites or blogs will have have PageRank of 0, or will not have a PageRank at all.  You can still rank in search results with a PageRank of 0 if you have good keywords and weak competition.

How Can I Improve PageRank of My Site?

Links are the key to PageRank.  If you have really good content, you can get reputable sites to link to yours.  One of my blogs has a link from this is a big boost and provides some serious "link juice" in terms of PageRank.  You can link to your page from some of your other sites to help boost PageRank.  Internal links are also a factor in PageRank, so you can link to your own pages and help increase PageRank.  PageRank is only updated every 3 months, so it takes time for PageRank to increase as a website or blog becomes popular.

How to Check PageRank with Free, Easy PageRank Tools

There are some free tools that let you check your PageRank, or the PageRank of any website or blog.

Page Rank Checker:  This website has a box where you can type a URL of the site you want to check.  You then enter an anti-bot code and you can see the Google PageRank within a couple seconds.  This is a very simple site, probably the easiest way to check PageRank.  If you like, you can get a badge for your blog or website that shows your PageRank on your page to visitors.

Website Analyzer:  This free website provides Google PageRank and many other statistics about a website such as Alexa Rank, backlinks, authority rating, keywords and more.  If you want more details than Google PageRank, this site provides an analysis report.

Use PageRank to Improve Search Engine Traffic to Your Blog

When you are doing keyword research to decide what title and keywords to use in your blog post or website, you can do a Google search and see what comes up in the search engine results- this is your competition.  Before you invest time and effort developing content, it is worth spending some time to determine if your content has a chance to be displayed on the first page or two of search engine results.

Landing pages have PageRank scores, and individual pages have PageRank scores as well that may be different.  When checking out competition in SERPs, check the PageRank of the page that will be competing with your page to help determine if you will be able to outrank that page based on the PageRank of your site.  Other factors come into play in the position of pages in search engine results- you may be able to beat a page with higher PageRank if you use better keywords or have a better title.

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