Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Can Short Blog Posts Rank in Search Engine Results?

Can Short Articles Rank in Search Engine Results?

Can Short Articles Rank in Search Results?
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I started an experiment on December 6, 2013 to see if short blog posts can rank in search engines and generate search traffic.  My new blog is called ClickFact, and features brief facts and information about computers and technology.  Most of the posts are 200-250 words in length.  The style of this blog is to present key facts and information without pictures or a lengthy discussion.  This is intended to be useful for people looking for brief definitions and explanations.  This format is especially well suited to smart phone and tablet users.

For example, if you want to know "What is SS USB", you'll find three paragraphs explaining what SS USB is, why you might want it, and how to tell if a computer has SS USB by looking at it.  The article is something you can scan quickly and get a complete answer to your question.  I think this is the kind of article that most people would find helpful- but will it rank in search results?

Longer posts tend to do better at ranking in search results- at least that is the popular belief.  Google recently suggested that articles 600 words or longer will rank better in search results.  This article has a discussion of the length of blog posts to get the most traffic.   But in my own experience searching the web, it seems like very short articles and posts are often near the top of search results.

I decided to give the blog short format a try and see if it can be successful or not in search engine results.  Short articles are certainly quicker to write, and may be more useful to people looking for quick answers.  I decided to monetize ClickFact using AdSense and some amazon affiliate links and ads that are related to the topic of each post.

Will this strategy of short posts that quickly answer questions work?  Time will tell.  I started the new blog with 51 posts so far.  Within a few months, I should know if short blog posts are worth pursuing or not.

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