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Blogger vs HubPages revenue sharing: Where should I host my blog?

Blogger vs HubPages revenue sharing site

There are two types of free hosting services you can use to start a blog.  One is Blogger, also known as  This is a blogging platform run by Google.  You can get free web hosting and use the Blogger tools to create your blog.  It's all free, and you get 100% of the advertising revenue and affiliate income that you generate.

Advantages of HubPages and other Revenue Sharing Sites

The other type of blog hosting arrangement is revenue sharing sites for writers.  These sites provide an environment where writers communicate with each other about their writing and about how to make more revenue from their writing.  These sites have a social networking aspect built-in.  For example, you can increase your "score" by interacting more with other writers, and you can follow other writers and get them to follow you.  Perhaps the most popular of the revenue sharing sites for writers is HubPages.  You get to keep 60% of the revenue from ads and affiliate income- HubPages keeps 40%.  Other popular revenue sharing sites for writers include Squidoo, Triond, InfoBarrel, and Wizzley.

Why would you take 60% of the income from your blog at HubPages instead of 100%?  The main reasons people use HubPages and other revenue sharing sites are:
  • You get advice from other writers and form connections
  • The revenue sharing site provides simple tools to create articles
  • The revenue sharing site has a high page rank with Google and may get more search engine traffic
  • You get some built-in traffic from other authors on the revenue sharing site
  • You can link from the revenue sharing site to your own blog or webpage to increase your traffic

I have blogs on both HubPages and Blogger.  The writing community on HubPages is a big plus.  It provides more motivation to keep writing when you know some people are following your work and will read your next post.  You will get more comments on HubPages than on Blogger.  HubPages also has great forums where you can ask questions and get help and advice from experienced writers and bloggers.  HubPages give you accolades as you achieve milestones such as number of posts, number of pageviews, number of followers, etc.  This allows you to take into account the experience of people who are offering advice by checking their profile.

Check out HubPages to Increase Your Skill as a Writer and Blogger

If you are new to blogging or are having trouble staying motivated to produce more content, give HubPages a look.  It's free, and you'll learn a lot there about writing and search engine optimization (SEO) if you participate in the forums and study the FAQs and training materials.  Since HubPages makes more money if YOU make more money, they are motivated to help writers become successful.


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